My name is Jedd. I'm a native iOS app and game developer native to the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a strong foundation in iOS including Swift and Objective C, but my other skills include tvOSwatchOSSpriteKitGitAgile DevelopmentUI/UX design, Unity & C#, and the Adobe CC Suite.

Although most of my career has been spent making films and motion graphics, I made my first video game in high school (let's not talk about how long ago that was) and have been hooked on writing code ever since.

In 2014 I took a hardware project to Kickstarter and was interviewed by TechCrunch. In 2015 I graduated from an 8-week immersive iOS program in San Francisco called Mobile Makers Academy. My work experience has included overseeing the release of multiple enterprise-level and startup-level apps. Lately, I have been coding games in Unity and C#.

I also like tinkering with electronics, making short documentaries, and am a little too proud of my personally refurbished Atari collection.


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