Photo by Sasa Dinic/iStock / Getty Images


Although I spent 7 years in film, photography, and motion graphics, I have always had a passion for the process of creating a user experience, especially on mobile devices. I made my first game in 2002 on a graphing calculator (the only programmable device within reach), and made dozens of games for the TI-83 including porting a childhood favorite, Chip's Challenge, which used up almost all of the scant space on the tiny device. Seeing others enjoy my games was incredibly rewarding. This lead me to develop for classic systems including Atari 2600 and Game Boy, and the process gave me an appreciation for older hardware lacking processor power and I loved the challenge of overcoming each system's unique obstacles. I learned C and C++, and ultimately took to interacting with the physical world via Arduino, sensors, actuators, and simple robotics.

This interest in physical devices lead me to create Ember, an iPhone case with built-in light panel for mobile photographers who are unsatisfied with the built-in flash. Although our campaign was unsuccessful, I gained valuable knowledge into prototyping, manufacturing, and designing a physical product to crowdfund on Kickstarter.

When I decided later to turn my hobby into a career, iOS was the obvious choice. Not only is mobile the future, but I'm also passionate about the connection we have to handheld devices. The experience between a mobile application and a user is a brand new concept, but one that, only a few years later, we now take for granted as part of daily life. My goal is to create the best user experiences that enrich, not detract or distract from, our everyday lives.